Best Scrapbooking Markers:

Hey there, fellow scrapbookers! Are you ready to take your scrapbooking game to the next level? Let’s talk about the unsung heroes of the craft: markers. Yes, you heard that right. Markers may seem like an afterthought, but they can make all the difference in creating a stunning scrapbook.

Choosing the right markers can be overwhelming. There are so many options, from water-based to alcohol-based, dual-tip to metallic, and everything in between. But fear not! We’re here to guide you through the marker maze and help you find the best markers for your scrapbooking needs.

Why is it so important to choose the right markers? Well, let’s think about it. You’ve spent hours picking out the perfect photos, embellishments, and paper. You’ve carefully arranged everything on your page, creating a beautiful and meaningful layout. But if you use the wrong markers, the colors can bleed, the ink can smudge, and your masterpiece can quickly turn into a mess.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of markers and give you all the information you need to choose the right ones for your scrapbooking projects.

We’ll explore the different types of markers and their unique characteristics, including water-based, alcohol-based, dual-tip, brush, metallic, chalk, glitter, and neon markers. We’ll discuss the advantages of each type of marker and recommend the best markers for scrapbooking in each category.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also provide tips and tricks for using markers in your scrapbooking projects. From blending colors to creating shadows and highlights, we’ll show you how to use markers to add depth and dimension to your layouts.

So whether you’re a seasoned scrapbooker or just starting out, this article is for you. We’re here to help you take your scrapbooking to the next level and create stunning layouts that will be treasured for years to come.

But before we dive into the world of markers, let’s take a moment to appreciate the art of scrapbooking itself. Scrapbooking is so much more than just gluing photos onto paper. It’s a way to preserve memories, tell stories, and express creativity. It’s a way to capture the moments and emotions that make life so special.

And markers are an essential tool in this art form. They allow us to add color, texture, and detail to our layouts. They can help us create backgrounds, add accents, and journal our thoughts and feelings.

So let’s raise our markers in appreciation of this wonderful craft. Let’s explore the world of markers and discover the best ones for our scrapbooking projects. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Water-Based Markers

Water-based markers are a popular choice for scrapbooking because they are easy to use, come in a wide range of colors, and are affordable. But what exactly are water-based markers, and what makes them so great for scrapbooking? Let’s dive in!

Water-based markers are made with water-soluble ink that is easy to blend and mix. This means you can create custom colors and gradients by layering different shades on top of each other. Water-based markers are also great for creating a watercolor effect on your layouts, which can add a soft and dreamy feel to your pages.

One of the best things about water-based markers is that they are safe to use and non-toxic. This makes them a great choice for scrapbooking with kids or anyone who is concerned about harmful chemicals in their art supplies. Plus, they are easy to clean up with just a little bit of water and a paper towel.

When it comes to choosing the best water-based markers for scrapbooking, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll want to look for markers with a fine tip for detailed work and a broad tip for coloring larger areas. You’ll also want to consider the quality of the ink and how well it blends and layers.

One popular brand of water-based markers is Tombow. Tombow markers are known for their high-quality ink and dual-tip design, which allows you to create both fine lines and broad strokes with the same marker. They also come in a wide range of colors, making it easy to find the perfect shade for your scrapbook layouts.

Another great option for water-based markers is the Crayola Super Tips Markers. These markers are affordable and come in a pack of 100, so you’ll have plenty of colors to choose from. They also have a versatile tip that can be used for both thin and thick lines, making them a great option for both coloring and lettering.

When using water-based markers in your scrapbooking projects, it’s important to remember a few tips and tricks. First, be sure to test the markers on a scrap piece of paper before using them on your layout to make sure the colors and blending are to your liking. You’ll also want to use a smooth and sturdy paper that can handle the moisture of the markers without bleeding or warping.

Another fun way to use water-based markers in your scrapbooking is to create a background wash. Simply add a few drops of water to your markers and use a brush to paint a wash of color onto your paper. You can then layer other elements on top of the wash for a beautiful and cohesive look.

In summary, water-based markers are a great choice for scrapbooking because they are easy to use, versatile, and affordable. Whether you choose Tombow or Crayola, be sure to test the markers before using them on your layouts and use a smooth and sturdy paper for best results. With a little bit of practice and experimentation, you’ll be able to create stunning and unique layouts using water-based markers.

Alcohol-Based Markers

Are you ready to take your scrapbooking game to the next level? Look no further than alcohol-based markers! While water-based markers have their strengths, alcohol-based markers offer a whole new level of vibrancy and blending potential.

First, let’s talk about the basics. Alcohol-based markers use, you guessed it, alcohol as their primary solvent. This means that they dry quickly and blend smoothly, creating a seamless transition between colors. Additionally, they are more fade-resistant and waterproof than their water-based counterparts.

One of the key advantages of alcohol-based markers is their ability to create gradients and depth in your coloring. With the right technique, you can create a realistic 3D effect that will make your scrapbook pages come to life.

But don’t just take our word for it – let’s talk about some of the best alcohol-based markers on the market. Copics are a popular choice among scrapbookers, with a wide range of colors and refillable ink cartridges. They are also known for their durability and longevity, making them a great investment for serious scrapbookers.

Another great option is Spectrum Noir, which offers a budget-friendly alternative to Copics without sacrificing quality. Their markers have a brush tip and a chisel tip, allowing for versatility in coloring techniques.

Of course, there are many other brands to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to do your research and experiment with different markers to find the ones that work best for your style and preferences.

However, it’s worth noting that alcohol-based markers do have some drawbacks. They can bleed through thin paper, so it’s important to use a high-quality, thick paper designed for use with markers. They are also more expensive than water-based markers, and the smell of the alcohol may bother some people.

In conclusion, alcohol-based markers are a valuable tool for any serious scrapbooker looking to take their coloring to the next level. With their blendability, vibrancy, and versatility, they offer endless creative possibilities. Whether you choose Copics, Spectrum Noir, or another brand, you’re sure to be pleased with the results. So go ahead and add some alcohol-based markers to your scrapbooking toolkit – your pages will thank you!

Dual-Tip Markers

Are you tired of using boring old markers that only come in one size and don’t offer much versatility? Look no further than dual-tip markers! These amazing little tools offer not one, but two different tips for all your coloring and drawing needs.

So, what exactly are dual-tip markers, you ask? Well, as the name suggests, they have two tips: one fine tip for precise lines and details, and one broader tip for larger areas and coloring. This means you can use the same marker to create intricate designs or fill in larger spaces, without having to constantly switch between different markers.

But that’s not all – dual-tip markers also come in a wide range of colors, from basic primary colors to more exotic shades like neon pink or metallic gold. Plus, they’re available in both water-based and alcohol-based formulas, depending on your preference and intended use.

One of the best things about dual-tip markers is their versatility. They’re perfect for a variety of creative projects, from coloring books and sketches to bullet journaling and calligraphy. You can use them to add vibrant pops of color to your planner pages, create beautiful lettering, or even decorate your phone case or laptop.

And don’t worry about running out of ink anytime soon – dual-tip markers typically last much longer than traditional markers, thanks to their larger ink reservoirs. Plus, many brands offer refillable ink cartridges, so you can easily replace the ink and continue using your favorite markers for years to come.

When it comes to choosing the right dual-tip markers for your needs, there are a few things to consider. First, decide whether you prefer water-based or alcohol-based markers. Water-based markers are generally safer and more beginner-friendly, while alcohol-based markers offer brighter colors and smoother blending.

You’ll also want to consider the quality of the markers – cheaper options may be tempting, but they may not offer the same vibrant colors and long-lasting ink as more high-end brands. Look for markers with a solid reputation and good reviews from other artists and crafters.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your dual-tip markers! Try blending different colors together, creating ombre effects, or experimenting with different lettering styles. The possibilities are endless with these versatile little tools.

In summary, dual-tip markers are a fantastic addition to any artist or crafter’s toolbox. With their two different tips, wide range of colors, and versatility, they’re perfect for a variety of creative projects. So why settle for boring old markers when you can double your creativity with dual-tips?

Oil-Based Markers

Ah, oil-based markers. The misunderstood child of the marker family. While they may not be the most popular choice for scrapbooking, don’t overlook them just yet! They may just surprise you with their versatility and range of use.

First, let’s talk about what sets oil-based markers apart from their water and alcohol-based siblings. Unlike water and alcohol-based markers, oil-based markers are permanent and waterproof once they have dried. This makes them an excellent choice for scrapbooking projects that will be exposed to moisture or handled frequently.

But beware! Once you’ve put oil-based marker to paper, there’s no going back. So, it’s crucial to practice your strokes on a separate piece of paper before committing to your final project.

Now, let’s get down to business. When it comes to choosing oil-based markers for your scrapbooking projects, the options can be overwhelming. So, to help you out, here are some of our favorite brands to consider:

BrandSet sizeColorsPrice
Sakura Gelly Roll74Assorted$52.98
Pentel Arts24Assorted$28.49

Each of these brands has a unique range of colors and tips to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect marker for your next project.

But what about techniques? You may be wondering how to best utilize oil-based markers in your scrapbooking. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Use them for outlines and borders: The bold, rich color of oil-based markers makes them an excellent choice for outlining and framing your scrapbooking pages.
  2. Blend them for shading: By layering and blending oil-based markers, you can create smooth gradients and depth in your designs.
  3. Mix them with other mediums: Oil-based markers can be mixed with other mediums, such as watercolors or colored pencils, to create unique and interesting effects.
  4. Experiment with different paper types: The glossy finish of oil-based markers makes them an ideal choice for use on non-porous surfaces like vellum or acetate.

So, there you have it! A crash course on oil-based markers and their use in scrapbooking. Don’t be afraid to try something new and experiment with this often-overlooked marker type. Who knows? You might just discover a new favorite tool for your scrapbooking projects.


Are you looking to add some artistic flair to your scrapbooking projects? Look no further than brush markers! These versatile tools offer a unique level of control and expression that can take your projects to the next level.

What sets brush markers apart from their traditional counterparts is their flexible, brush-like tip. This tip allows for greater control over the width and depth of your strokes, making it an excellent choice for adding fine details or broad, sweeping strokes to your scrapbooking pages.

One of the most popular brands of brush markers is Tombow Dual Brush Pens. These markers offer a wide range of colors, a self-cleaning brush tip, and a water-based ink that allows for blending and layering. Plus, they come in convenient sets, making it easy to choose the perfect colors for your project.

But, let’s be real, no one wants to deal with dried-out brush markers. That’s why proper storage is essential to keep your markers in tip-top shape. A popular option is to store your markers horizontally to keep the ink flowing evenly to the brush tip. Additionally, you can store them in a cool, dry place to avoid heat exposure, which can cause the ink to evaporate.

Now, let’s talk about some techniques to make the most of your brush markers. One popular technique is to use them for lettering. The brush tip allows for a range of line widths and can create beautiful, calligraphy-inspired lettering. If you’re new to lettering, don’t worry! There are plenty of tutorials and practice sheets available online to help you get started.

Another fun technique is to use brush markers for watercolor effects. By applying the marker to a non-porous surface and then using a water brush to blend and spread the ink, you can create stunning watercolor effects on your scrapbooking pages.

But, perhaps the most important thing to remember when using brush markers is to practice! The brush tip can take some getting used to, so don’t be discouraged if your first attempts don’t turn out as expected. With practice and patience, you’ll be able to create beautiful, expressive designs with your brush markers.

In conclusion, brush markers are an excellent addition to any scrapbooking toolkit. With their flexible brush tip, wide range of colors, and versatile techniques, they offer a unique level of control and expression that traditional markers simply can’t match. So, why not give them a try and see where your creativity takes you?

Metallic Markers

Are you looking to add a little bit of sparkle to your next crafting project? Look no further than metallic markers! These handy tools can add a touch of elegance and shine to any creation.

Metallic markers are a type of marker that is designed to create a metallic or shimmering effect. They are available in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, bronze, and copper. These markers are perfect for adding a bit of pizzazz to any project, from scrapbooking to drawing and everything in between.

One of the biggest advantages of metallic markers is their versatility. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, including paper, cardboard, fabric, and even glass. Plus, their metallic effect can add a unique touch to any design. For example, you could use a gold metallic marker to add an eye-catching border to a scrapbook page or a silver marker to create a stunning mandala design.

When using metallic markers, it’s important to keep in mind that they may not show up as well on darker surfaces. It’s best to use them on lighter surfaces or to use a white or light-colored base coat before applying the metallic marker.

One thing to be aware of when using metallic markers is that they may have a tendency to smear or smudge. This can be avoided by allowing the ink to dry completely before handling the project. It’s also a good idea to test the marker on a small area first to make sure it will work as expected.

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra shine and glamor to your next crafting project, consider trying out metallic markers. They’re versatile, easy to use, and can add a touch of sophistication to any creation. Just be sure to let the ink dry completely before handling your masterpiece!

Neon Markers

Are you ready to add some vibrant and eye-catching colors to your artwork or scrapbook? Look no further than neon markers! These bold and bright markers come in a range of colors that can add a fun and playful touch to any project.

Neon markers are similar to traditional markers, but they have a unique pigment that produces a bright fluorescent color. This pigment is often referred to as “black light” or “day-glow” and gives off a glowing effect under black light. It’s no surprise that these markers are a popular choice for party decorations and signs in nightclubs or bars.

But, neon markers are not just limited to nightclubs and parties. They can add a pop of color to your everyday projects as well. They are great for highlighting important information or adding emphasis to specific words or images.

One of the best things about neon markers is their versatility. They can be used on a variety of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, and even fabric. This makes them a popular choice for creating custom t-shirts or other apparel.

When using neon markers, it’s important to keep in mind that they can fade over time, especially if exposed to sunlight. So, it’s recommended to keep your neon projects indoors or in a darker area.

Another thing to keep in mind is that neon markers may not be as opaque as traditional markers. This means that the color may appear lighter on darker surfaces. It’s always a good idea to test out the marker on a small area first to see how it will appear.

Overall, neon markers are a fun and unique way to add some color and excitement to your artwork or scrapbook. With their bold and bright colors, they are sure to make any project stand out. So, grab some neon markers and let your creativity shine!

Fabric Markers

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your clothing or accessories? Want to create unique designs on your fabric? Fabric markers might be just what you need! These markers are specifically designed to work on fabric, allowing you to create all sorts of designs and patterns.

Fabric markers come in a variety of colors and styles, from basic to glitter to neon. They also have different tips, such as fine tip, chisel tip, and brush tip, making them versatile for different projects.

One great thing about fabric markers is their versatility. You can use them to add intricate details to a piece of clothing or accessory, or you can use them to make bold, graphic designs. They work well on all types of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and even denim.

If you’re new to fabric markers, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be sure to pre-wash your fabric before using the markers. This will help remove any sizing or other chemicals that may interfere with the markers. Second, be sure to place a piece of cardboard or another barrier between the front and back of the fabric to prevent any bleeding or smudging. Finally, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting the ink to ensure it stays on the fabric.

One fun way to use fabric markers is to create custom t-shirts or tote bags. You can draw your own designs or use stencils to create patterns. This is a great activity for kids and adults alike, and the finished products make great gifts or souvenirs.

Another popular use for fabric markers is to create custom shoes. From plain canvas sneakers to leather boots, fabric markers can be used to create unique designs that are sure to turn heads. Whether you’re going for a subtle, understated design or a bold, colorful statement piece, fabric markers are a great way to personalize your footwear.

In addition to creating custom clothing and accessories, fabric markers can also be used for other projects. You can use them to create custom pillows, tablecloths, and even curtains. The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to choosing fabric markers, there are many options available. Some popular brands include Tulip, Crayola, and Sharpie. Be sure to choose markers that are specifically designed for fabric and that have a good reputation for staying on the fabric after washing.

Fabric markers are a versatile and fun way to add a personal touch to your clothing and accessories. With a variety of colors and tips available, you can create all sorts of designs and patterns. So why not give them a try and see what you can create?


Well, there you have it! A comprehensive guide to the wonderful world of markers. From the humble ballpoint pen to the versatile brush marker, from the boldness of the metallic marker to the vibrancy of the neon marker, and from the precision of the fine-tip marker to the versatility of the fabric marker, we’ve covered it all.

But wait, there’s more! Markers come in a variety of colors, tip sizes, and ink formulations, making them ideal for any project, big or small. Whether you’re a student, a professional artist, or just someone who loves to doodle, markers are an essential part of any creative toolkit.

So, what have we learned? Markers are incredibly versatile and come in a variety of types, each with their own unique qualities. From writing and drawing to coloring and labeling, markers can do it all. They’re also easy to use, affordable, and widely available, making them a great option for anyone who loves to create.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to create art, take notes, or label your belongings, there’s a marker out there that can help you do it. So why not give them a try? Who knows, you may just discover a new favorite tool in your creative arsenal.

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